Finish a Masechta


1. Rosh Hashana  
2. Brachot

“Finish a Masechta” is an off-shoot of the “Finish Moed Chabura”. In the Finish a Masechta program one can learn at his own pace or follow the weekly program, which was created as part of the Finish Moed Chabura.
Here is a write-up of the Finish Moed Program:

The goal is that participants finish all of seder Moed and mesechet Berachos with understanding and with multiple chazarot in a realistic, well tested time frame.

Starting each Friday, b”H, 5 shiurim will be sent out – 4 shiurim 25 – 50 minutes each, altogether covering 2.5-3 blatt. The shiurim will be on the basic Gemara, some Rashis, an occasional Tosfot and occasional very short shtikel Torah. Additionally, there will be a shiur hosafot. In it we will go more in depth into different points touched upon over the 4 shiurim. Having this as a separate shiur helps keep the 4 basic shiurim focused, concise and not too long, leaving more time for chazara. One can be successful in the basic program without listening to the shiur hosafot, but it will certainly add to your knowledge, enjoyment and connection to these sugyot.

A written summary will be sent out regularly with accompanying audio.

This program can be done in different ways.

The suggested track is to take 4 – 1.5 hour blocks over the week [at a time of day that works for you- for some early morning is better, for others night time). In each of these blocks, listen to one shiur, and chazar the gemara immediately after listening and chazar the gemara of the day before.

Find another time to go over the written summary and the shiur hosafot. If you can, add your own written thoughts to the written summary. If you have more time chazar also what was done the week before.

If you are very limited in time and can’t do 4 1.5 hours blocks, even listening to the shiur once is an accomplishment (as this is all most people who do daf yomi do). Chazaring immediately after is much better.

For 10-12 weeks a year there will be no Friday shiurim. These weeks will be dedicated solely for chazara of past material.

For more information and/or guidance regarding the program, please contact Rabbi Schoonmaker