Summer Zmanim

Shapell’s/Yeshiva Darche Noam is excited to announce our upcoming summer sessions. We are confident that you will have a summer like no other in our warm yeshiva. This is an opportunity to take your learning to a whole different level with our outstanding, diverse faculty who focus on skill-building.

You will also see Israel on our special tiyulim and experience unforgettable Shabbatot in the Yeshiva. We have seen how students attending our yeshiva for even a short time amazingly become part of the Shapell’s family. We invite you to join our family this summer for one or both of our sessions.

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I studied at Shapell’s for a month last summer and my experience inspired me to continue learning by myself even after the program. It’s the perfect program in Israel for English speakers looking to deepen their knowledge of Torah and Gemara in a warm and friendly environment.
- Ariel Nadvornik

My few months spent at Shapell’s were incredibly life-changing. It helped me grasp the beauty of Torah learning and I got the tools to be able to keep this learning up in my life after yeshiva. The support and teaching from the very special rabbis, who are also expert educators, was unique. I am now a lot more comfortable in my Yiddishkeit thanks to my experiences at this amazing place.
- Rory Shein

My experience at Shapell's was monumental in my growth as an individual. It allowed me the freedom to find my place as a frum Jew and the push to advance my skills in Torah learning. I am forever grateful and would highly recommend Shapell's/Darché Noam to anyone who wants to grow in their Judaism.
- Noam Beltran

I went to Shapell's/Darche Noam for two months in 2018, It was my first time in an organised Yeshiva and my first time in Israel. It was such a positive experience; between the students and the teachers I felt so welcome. The teachers really want you to benefit and learn. I found another student to learn with, who was so willing to study with me even though we were not on the same level of learning. I would love to go back one day!
- Moshe Kase-BerezinBahr

For more information, please contact our Director of Recruitment, Rabbi Moshe Baron.