Shabbos, Holidays and Events

The daily schedule at Shapell’s is intense and uplifting,

but that’s not the whole story. The intellectual and spiritual growth that students at Shapell’s experience is also rooted in the holy experiences that they share. Every third week, students gather together for an “in-Shabbat” with a visiting member of the faculty – davening, learning, eating, and singing together as one family. A few times a year, we visit communities in Israel for Shabbat, meeting new people and gaining exposure to the different Torah communities that make Israel what it is.


On “out-Shabbats”, some students “get away” to other communities, while others stay close to home.  Every week, the yeshiva hosts davening as well as a kiddush and Seudah Shlishit (third meal).  Students can make their own arrangements for the night and day meals, or turn to our Shabbat coordinator who arranges invitations to families in the area.

We also celebrate holidays and special events together.  Whether it’s the Chanukah and Purim celebrations or the solemn experience of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur in yeshiva, students who learn with us are sure to benefit from the unique feel of these spiritual highlights.  When students and alumni celebrate their weddings or the bris of a new son, the yeshiva is united in joy, as students and rabbis share in – and really “make” – the exalted simcha.