Shapell’s is located in Jerusalem in the residential

neighborhood of Bet Hakerem. A leafy and calm corner of Jerusalem, originally founded by writers and academics, today Bet Hakerem is a peaceful and cosmopolitan mix of religious and non-religious Jews, and is home to several educational institutions interspersed with villas, apartment buildings, and some of the tallest trees in Jerusalem.

We’re just steps away from the state-of-the-art Jerusalem light-rail, connecting students and faculty in minutes to the Central Bus Station, the Jerusalem City Center, the Old City, and the Meah Shearim-Geulah area.  Bet Hakerem itself has a plentiful selection of stores, bakeries, banks, and other facilities, and is just a short walk from area hotels, Shaare Zedek hospital, and the Kiryat Moshe, Bayit VeGan, and Givat Shaul neighborhoods.

Shapells-Building2The Shapell’s/Darche Noam Building

Formerly a hotel, our building and grounds provide students with an all-in-one experience of learning and living.  The Feinberg Family Beit Midrash houses our library collection and is the center of yeshiva life, with all programs studying and davening (praying) together there.  It’s located alongside our dining room, classrooms, and educational offices on the first floor.  The yeshiva courtyard, where students often learn outside and which plays host to “welcome barbecues” and other events, is adjacent to the beit midrash.

The second and third floors of the yeshiva building have ample dormitory facilities where students live two or three to a room.  Each room has an adjoining bathroom and shower and provides students with closets and desks.

Many first-time visitors comment about the cleanliness, light, and décor of our well-maintained campus. The building is under the care of cleaning and maintenance staff, and tasty and nutritious meals are prepared by professional cooks.

For any questions about the accommodations, food, and neighborhood, feel free to contact Rabbi Moshe Baron, Director of Recruitment.