Daily Schedule

Every day, students at Shapell’s/Darche Noam experience the thrill of Gemara learning, personal growth, and expanding knowledge and horizons in every area of Jewish learning. The day, which includes three meals and three davening (prayer) services a day, is divided into three primary parts – Morning Seder, Afternoon Seder, and Night Seder.
Morning Seder
From 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM each day, students join in small classes to study Gemara with our expert faculty. It’s here that Shapell’s students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to start learning Gemara “on their own”. The morning is divided between a short shiur in hashkafa (Jewish philosophy), Gemara study with a chavrusa in the beit midrash, and a well-structured and interactive shiur to teach the fundamentals of Gemara language, structure, and thinking.

The Shapell’s system is designed for students to progress through different levels of Gemara, beginning with the structure and language of the Gemara, integrating the study of Rashi and Tosfos, and finally understanding the role that other commentaries play in understanding the text.

Afternoon Seder

Afternoons at Shapell’s feature a carefully constructed program of Hebrew, Chumash, Halacha, and Jewish thought – in addition to Gemara. Students progress through three levels of Hebrew and four levels of other subjects to receive a well-rounded education. The afternoons also feature our monthly Holocaust Education Program.

Night Seder
After dinner, students reconvene in the beit midrash for a relatively unstructured opportunity to review the day’s learning, learn topics of interest, and attend short classes on topics of interest, including Contemporary Halacha, Parshat Hashavua, and Chassidus. Students often say that the night seder – which also presents a good opportunity to interact with rabbeim – is an essential way in which they solidify their growth at Shapell’s.

There’s more…
In addition to the three main parts of the day, optional classes create round-the-clock opportunities to learn. A short daily class in Halacha follows morning davening, and regular classes and personal growth workshops are offered during breakfast, before mincha and after maariv. There’s also a weekly mussar “shmuze” delivered by the rosh yeshiva or mashgiach on Tuesday mornings, and frequent guest speakers on Thursdays.


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