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Purim Yom Iyun 5779

As part of their preparations for Purim, Shapell’s students participated this week in a special “Yom Iyun” covering many aspects of the…

Rabbi Shuster: “The Joker and the Clown”

How to drink and how not to drink on Purim, the difference between good humor and cynicism, why Amalek is compared to…

Rabbi Y. Hirshfeld: “Scattered and Fragmented”

What did Haman mean when he critiqued the Jews as “mefuzar (scattered) and mefurad (fragmented)”? How can we, in our own avodat…

Thank you SO much!!

We deeply appreciate your gift to our matching campaign. Together we raised over $400,000 in scholarship funds, over 111% of our goal,…

Mr. David Shapell z”l Yahrzeit Holocaust Education Lectures

Students, faculty and alumni of Shapell’s/Yeshiva Darché Noam and Midreshet Rachel vChaya honored the memory of Mr. David Shapell z”l at an…

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