Summer Zman 5777 @ Shapell’s

Jun 21, 2017

Summer is almost here, and we have a rich program for you at Shapell’s!

 “A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Jewish Wedding” 

June 26 – Aug. 1

A 5-week multifaceted program, exploring this rich and central area of Torah – the Jewish wedding – from the vantage point of Gemara, Halachah, Minhag, Jewish Thought, Mussar, and Chassidus. The program combines tiyulim, Shabbatonim, guest speakers, and special workshops.

This summer’s Gemara curriculum will focus on the roots of the Jewish wedding through learning relevant sugyot in the first Perek of Masechet Kidushin. The Gemara program will combine skills-oriented learning, with a special emphasis on how the Gemara is the basis for practical halachah.


The Halacha curriculum, “The Jewish Wedding Step-by-Step: From Engagement – to the Chuppah – to the Very Last Dance,” will address the Dinim and Minhagim of the wedding.

Special Workshops
  • Sheva Brachot– What do they mean? How do I run a “Sheva Brachos” in my home?
  • Introduction to Taharat Hamishpachah
  • Halachot of Shadchanim: Truthfulness, Confidentiality, “Shidduch Gelt”
  • The Torah’s Approach to Dating and Marriage: Theory and Practice, Halachos and Advice

Our 5-week Summer program can be a transformative experience!
As space is limited, please apply now be in touch with Rabbi Shimshon Nadel, our Director of Recruitment with any questions.

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