Register for the Return & Learn, Aug. 31

Aug 20, 2018

Join your Rashei Yeshiva, Rebbeim and fellow alumni
for the Shapell’s/Yeshiva Darché Noam

Alumni Return and Learn

When Should One Go Beyond the Letter of the Law?”
Dedication Ceremony of the Rabbi Hirshfeld Pinat Noam 

Enjoy davening, a bagel breakfast, chavruta learning and shiurim.

Dedicated in the memory of Bracha bat David (Himmelman) by Tzvi Micha’el and Ruth Himmelman
Friday, August 31st / כ’ אלול
In the Shapell’s Beit Midrash
5 Beit Hakerem, Jerusalem 
7:30 AM davening
estimated end time 12:45 PM
50 shekels per person
Please confirm your attendance and state your chavruta preference before August 27th by emailing
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