Alumni Shabbat in Ramat Beit Shemesh

Mar 09, 2017

March 24 – 25, 2017 / כ”ז אדר תשע”ז פרשת ויקהל – פקודי

Featuring Drashot by:

Plus Alumni Reunions, Refreshments and Shiurim

Shabbat Afternoon (Starting at 4:00 PM):

For Men / Alumni of Shapell’s/Darche Noam
At the home of Shelly and Peretz Katz

For Women / Alumni of Midreshet Rachel V’Chaya
Featuring A Special Panel Discussion With
Rebbetzins Hirshfeld, Karlinsky and Shurin
At the home of Chana and Baruch Bebchick

For more information, please email:
Yossi Lanton, Alumni Association Director

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