40th Anniversary Celebrations A Major Success

Mar 12, 2018
This week, our second 40th anniversary gala was held in Teaneck. Like the first gala in Yerushalayim, alumni and friends gathered to celebrate our 40 years, honor Rabbi and Mrs. Hirshfeld and our alumni honorees (the Schoenfelds and Neubauers were our representatives in the U.S.). They were also excited to reconnect with their rabbis, teachers and friends both old and new while enjoying a delicious smorgasbord. As part of the program, everyone enjoyed our two original videos that we are now proud to share with the world.


We deeply appreciate the participation of 500 alumni and friends who participated in our celebration- both in attending the events and in taking tribute ads in our digital tribute journal.

You can view the journal here, pictures from the Teaneck dinner here, and from the Jerusalem dinner here.

If you would like to give a gift in honor of our 40th anniversary, we would welcome your participation!

Click here and fill in your contribution at the bottom of the form.

May we all go from strength to strength and from simcha to simcha!

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