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Classic Daf Kesher – Devarim 5778

Shapell’s/Darche Noam brings you the weekly Daf Kesher, featuring a faculty article, guided text study, and Dvar Torah on the weekly parsha.…

Experience Online our Yom Iyun on the 3 Weeks

In preparation for Tisha B’Av, we invite you to virtually to join our Beit Midrash for a special Yom Iyun. Rabbi Fyvel Shuster…

Rabbi Y. Hirshfeld: “17th of Tammuz 5778”

In a shmuze given this Sunday, Shiva Asar B’Tammuz, Rabbi Hirshfeld focuses on the messages we can learn from the sin of the…

Rabbi S. Karlinsky: “Jewish Leadership: Lead. Follow. But You Can Not Just Get Out of the Way”

In this week’s shmuze in the Shapell’s beit midrash, Rabbi Karlinsky discusses the characteristics of a Jewish leader, the necessity for everyone…

New section: VIDEO SHIURIM

Over the past number of months, alumni and friends have benefited from regular short video shiurim on critical topics in personal and…

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