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Rabbis’ Visits to North America Next Week

Rabbi Shurin and Rabbi Karlinsky will be travelling to North America at the end of May and would love to see YOU…

Daf Kesher – Shavuot 5778

Shapell’s/Darche Noam brings you the weekly Daf Kesher, featuring a faculty article, guided text study, and Dvar Torah on the weekly parsha.…

Rabbi D. Schoonmaker: “Torah of the Desert”

What did Hashem teach us about Torah by giving it in the desert? In this week’s shmuze in the Shapell’s Beit Midrash,…

Rabbi Fyvel Shuster: “Fear and Joy”

In this week’s Tuesday morning shmuze in the Shapell’s Beit Midrash, Rabbi Shuster addresses the motif of fear that appears in the…

Rabbi S. Karlinsky: “The Week of Hod, Aharon HaKohen, Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, Pesach Sheni and Lag B’Omer”

In a shmuze this week in the Shapell’s Beit Midrash, Rabbi Karlinsky, inspired by the Maharal, uncovers a theme underlying Lag Baomer,…

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